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Carbon Fiber Process

Carbon Fiber Process

Pan Taiwan provides various carbon fiber parts manufacturing processes according to your requirements. We manufacture and supply carbon fiber components and products. All Carbon fiber parts and products are manufactured with high quality resins & carbon fiber cloth. We have our own RD and QC team to ensure the quality and specification of the products meet your standard. We are ISO 9001 certified for many years. With standard procedures we set up to provide great services, we are your best choice for your carbon fiber products.

Our custom carbon fiber services include hand lay-up, vacuum bag forming, pultrusion, compression mold, filament winding, roll wrapping, etc. We will suggest the process that is suitable for your products or you can choose the process for your products. Post-processes are also available such as machining, surface treatment, labeling, water-transfer, etc… From blueprint drawing to finished products, quality control to logistics, we provide total solution and make your design come true!

If you have your own designs, and you want to make it real, please contact us. The features of Pan Taiwan are to provide vertical and horizontal integration services. From design feedback, tooling development, efficient production planning through timely logistic, Pan Taiwan team is ready to serve you with our professionalism. We can also combine a few different manufacturing processes to make parts and to assemble a complete product with packaging for you.

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