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Superior carbon fiber cloth with best manufacturing quality | Pan Taiwan provides OEM / ODM services such as Plastic Injection Service, Die Casting, Forging, CNC machining, EDC pouches, and standard bicycle and outdoor activity parts.

Carbon Fiber Cloth

Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturing

Superior carbon fiber cloth with best manufacturing quality

Pan Taiwan manufactures a broad range of high performance carbon fibers for both automotive and industrial applications. We are proud of our advanced manufacturing processes with high quality carbon fiber cloth from TORAY & Mitsubishi to provide you the nice parts with good mechanical strength and consistently clear carbon fiber pattern. From hand lay-up, pultrusion, hot press, filament winding to compression molding, we would suggest the most suitable process for the product in your design.

We have covered the customized carbon fiber items from strut bar, hydrofoil parts, battery cover, bike frame, to carbon fender.

We make customized carbon fiber parts

We customized carbon fiber parts for customers. Composed of a group of the professionals, we have our own R&D and QC specialists. They'll ensure whether the quality and specification of the products meet the standard. Certified to ISO 9001, we follow the strict standards and rules to produce the finest quality materials. As a result of our rich experiences, we are so adept at it that we are sure to meet your technical requirements and schedule.

The advantages that carbon fiber parts have are anti-corrosion, smaller coefficient of thermo expansion, shock absorbance, and much lighter than metal parts. Don't be confused by multiple options of carbon fiber manufacturing processes, we will select the suitable one to make your parts. In addition to 3K, 12K, and UD finish, dye sublimation and cloth implant finish are also available. Please allow us to be your best partner in carbon fiber parts.

To know what process best suits your products, feel free to check them out!

Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturing

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Roll Wrapping - Carbon fiber rod
Roll Wrapping

Carbon fiber tube in Pan Taiwan are made by roll wrapping, this manufacturing process is typically...

Filament Winding - Carbon Fiber Filament Winding
Filament Winding

Thanks to the characteristic of the filament winding, Pan Taiwan(OEM) can not only manufacture...

Pultrusion - Carbon Fiber Pultrusion

If you are looking for a supplier for high quality carbon fiber parts in straight shape, you are looking...

Compression Molding - Carbon Fiber Compression Molding
Compression Molding

There are many fabrication processes to create carbon fiber parts, here at Pai Taiwan(OEM),...

Hand Lay-up Process - Carbon Fiber Hand Lay-Up
Hand Lay-up Process

Pan Taiwan provides custom carbon fiber manufacturing process - hand lay-up process. Hand lay-up...

Vacuum Bagging - Carbon Fiber Vacuum Bagging
Vacuum Bagging

Pan Taiwan provides custom carbon fiber parts made by vacuum bagging. The mold cost is lower...

Result 1 - 6 of 6

Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturing Manufacturer | Pan Taiwan

Located in Taiwan since 1977, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturing process services provider. Our main manufacturing process services include, Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturing, tactical bags manufacturing, custom bike frames, custom carbon fiber products, multi-tools, custom plastic injection parts, product assembly, reverse engineering, investment casting parts, machined parts, sheet metal stamping, bike caps, which have ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 quality assurance certifications.

Pan Taiwan with certified ISO 9001 provides manufacturing services and total solutions for anyone who has any custom parts in need we have sophisticated experiences to partner with a wide range of manufacturers from Plastic Injection, Die Casting, Forging, CNC machining, Tactical Bags, EDC pouches or standard bicycle and outdoor activity parts for nearly 50 years, so we will act as your eyes and ears for any project you have with us. We don't just supply bicycle parts, accessories, and carabiners in multiple applications. We also offer OEM and ODM services to make your idea come true. The manufacturing processes we're good at are plastic injection, sheet metal stamping, investment casting, MIM and many more.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers manufacturing process services, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.