A variety of accessories are available, so that you can customize your own bicycles | Custom Climbing & Hunting Gears Manufacturer | Pan Taiwan

Initiate your own brand bike accessories. | Pan Taiwan provides OEM / ODM services such as Plastic Injection Service, Die Casting, Forging, CNC machining, EDC pouches, and standard bicycle and outdoor activity parts.

A variety of accessories are available, so that you can customize your own bicycles

Bike Accessories

Initiate your own brand bike accessories.

We offer numbers of standard bike accessories for you to label as your own brand products. For example, we may print or engrave your logo or pattern on the bike device holder. We may also make the head card or blister package for the handle bar tape. Furthermore, we may develop the accessories such as bike mirror in your design. Even if you don’t have pictures, design drawings nor samples, our sales representatives and engineers will help to build a 3D model to realize your idea.

Take the valves for example, we’ve got different colors and shapes of them, but if you don’t find a suitable one, we can help you to make a unique shape or a one-of-a-kind color. The minimum production quantity is negotiable case by case. And all these custom accessories will make your product series more outstanding in the market.

Your idea will be well protected

We understand your design is valuable and needed to be treated carefully. Your design, creativity, and research will be helpful in realizing it. Therefore, we are very open-minded to signing the NDA before you reveal further information. Since you understand your design, and you don’t even want it to be in public. Pan Taiwan has been in the industry for more than 50 years and is well known for not being competitive with customers. In fact, we love to do contract manufacturing. So feel free to share with us what’s in your mind, all the data would be carefully kept.

Bike Accessories

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Bike Tubeless Valve - Tubeless Products
Bike Tubeless Valve

Pan Taiwan offers all kinds of tubeless valves and valve accessories which meet all your requirements....

Bike Water Bottle Cage - Bike Water Bottle Cage
Bike Water Bottle Cage

Water Bottle Cage we provided is mainly made of carbon fiber. Elegant and functional design,...

Bar Ends & Plugs - Bicycle Bar Ends & Plugs
Bar Ends & Plugs

We provide carbon fiber bar ends and various bar end plugs. Our bar ends are made in Taiwan...

Bike Bell - Bike bell with loud sound and anti-rust
Bike Bell

The brass bike bell is one of our most significant items in the product line. It can send out loud,...

Bike Light - Bike Tail Light
Bike Light

Pan Taiwan offers different kind of LED tail light like tie lights, clamping lights, QR skewer...

Bicycle Screws & Bolts - Bicycle Bolts
Bicycle Screws & Bolts

We provide wide range of bike fasteners. These screws and bolts can be applied on bike parts...

Bike Device Holder - Water Bottle Cage Holder
Bike Device Holder

Pan Taiwan's alloy bike device holder series create more possibilities of carrying different...

Bike Fender and Wheel Cover - Bike Fender and Wheel Cover
Bike Fender and Wheel Cover

Fenders and wheel cover are indispensable bike accessories to both shape your cycling style...

Bar Tape - Pan Taiwan supply various bike bar tape
Bar Tape

The most skillful part of making a outstanding bar tape is to do the perfect color overlapping....

Bike Mirror - 360° Adjustable Bike Mirror
Bike Mirror

Our easy installation and removal mirror design offers a quick angle adjustment and application...

Bike Spare Parts Storage Box - Bike Spare Parts Storage Box
Bike Spare Parts Storage Box

Bike spare parts storage boxes for headset, for wheel and tube, and for brake are all available...

Bike Sunglasses - Pan Taiwan's cycling sunglasses have heavy-duty protection
Bike Sunglasses

The cycling sunglass designed with TR-90 temple is definitely a keeper. Polycarbonate lens...

Result 1 - 12 of 15

Bike Accessories | Custom Climbing & Hunting Gears Manufacturer | Pan Taiwan

Located in Taiwan since 1977, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturing process services provider. Our main manufacturing process services include, Bike Accessories, tactical bags manufacturing, custom bike frames, custom carbon fiber products, multi-tools, custom plastic injection parts, product assembly, reverse engineering, investment casting parts, machined parts, sheet metal stamping, bike caps, which have ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 quality assurance certifications.

Pan Taiwan with certified ISO 9001 provides manufacturing services and total solutions for anyone who has any custom parts in need we have sophisticated experiences to partner with a wide range of manufacturers from Plastic Injection, Die Casting, Forging, CNC machining, Tactical Bags, EDC pouches or standard bicycle and outdoor activity parts for nearly 50 years, so we will act as your eyes and ears for any project you have with us. We don't just supply bicycle parts, accessories, and carabiners in multiple applications. We also offer OEM and ODM services to make your idea come true. The manufacturing processes we're good at are plastic injection, sheet metal stamping, investment casting, MIM and many more.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers manufacturing process services, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.