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Panel discussion in PT. | Pan Taiwan provides OEM / ODM services such as Plastic Injection Service, Die Casting, Forging, CNC machining, EDC pouches, and standard bicycle and outdoor activity parts.

Panel discussion in PT.

Our Team

Having perfect team work is Pan Taiwan's secret of serving customers well.

In Pan Taiwan, our sales are more like project managers who have to fully understand what customers require and accomplish it with our experienced team like RD dept., QC dept. and shipping dept. Each department is professional in their field. We often have meeting together to make sure your projects are in schedule. All members are in the same page, doing their best to make your design real.

Our coworkers always dedicate themselves to the job and it's my honor to introduce them to you. Please see below pictures.

Our Team | CNC Milling & Turning Parts | Racing Bicycle Parts Manufacturer | Pan Taiwan

Located in Taiwan since 1977, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturing process services provider. Our main manufacturing process services include, Our Team, tactical bags manufacturing, custom bike frames, custom carbon fiber products, multi-tools, custom plastic injection parts, product assembly, reverse engineering, investment casting parts, machined parts, sheet metal stamping, bike caps, which have ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 quality assurance certifications.

Pan Taiwan with certified ISO 9001 provides manufacturing services and total solutions for anyone who has any custom parts in need we have sophisticated experiences to partner with a wide range of manufacturers from Plastic Injection, Die Casting, Forging, CNC machining, Tactical Bags, EDC pouches or standard bicycle and outdoor activity parts for nearly 50 years, so we will act as your eyes and ears for any project you have with us. We don't just supply bicycle parts, accessories, and carabiners in multiple applications. We also offer OEM and ODM services to make your idea come true. The manufacturing processes we're good at are plastic injection, sheet metal stamping, investment casting, MIM and many more.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers manufacturing process services, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.