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Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Fabric & Textile Sewing Process ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or DFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or DFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

Fabric & Textile Sewing Process


Customized pouch with multi tool set
Customized pouch with multi tool set

Regardless of tour pouches, duffle bags, tote bags, outdoor backpacks, shopping bags and even drawstring bags; no matter they’re water-repellent or waterproof, so long as you have a wonderful idea, we’d love to help you get closer to your products.

In recent years, outdoor activities have become more and more popular, and we deeply know the need of the products related to such activities, so we’ve been prepared to solve your demands. Currently we are dedicating ourselves to making the outdoor activities easier for everybody, thus, you’re very welcome to place the orders such as outdoor backpacks, sports equipment bags, gun slings and so forth.

Adept at this field, we have long cooperated with the manufacturer who produced but not limited to shoulder bags, camping bags, travel storage bags, climbing and backpacks, lanyards, even the gifts which need to undergo sewing process. All the sewing related products are within our ability!

Customized Pouch
Customized Pouch

Having solid connections with our suppliers in both Taiwan and China, we’ll arrange the production based on your needs. The suppliers in China tend to be relatively larger in scale, therefore, they are capable of making the products in bulk and more varieties at one time. However, on the other hand, the suppliers in Taiwan usually put more emphasis on the exquisite craftsmanship, they might sacrifice the speed for quality. Each of them possesses their specific advantages, but have no worries at all, we’ll make the decision after taking everything into consideration and a thorough discussion with you. It is our promise to help your brand grow with our well-developed technology and profound expertise.

Been proficient in this field for almost half a century, we understand the needs of our clients and know exactly what problems they may suffer, therefore, as a reliable middleman, it is our duty to save you out of troubles. Knowing how exhausting it would be to negotiate directly with the factories, we offer you one stop shopping experience which saves you a lot of time and effort, all you have to do is to pose your expectation upon the products, and then, we’ll give you the most incisive suggestions as well as technical assistance, like defining the right material to suit your design, slightly modifying the appearance for an ergonomic cause, etc.

Composed of professionals, we care so much for the quality and our clients’ feeling, we not only make sure every procedure is in order with our suppliers, but also keep the information transparent, we believe it’d be the only way to reinforce our cooperation. Apart from that, we pay attention to our clients’ satisfaction as well. It’s because of the strengths mentioned above, no wonder we have long enjoyed a good reputation.

Customized products are more than just welcome!

We are aware that you may want to make your products more outstanding and more recognizable among all similar products on the market. To be a bestseller, except for the fine quality, an eye-catching trademark is absolutely a must! That’s why we not only give you all the assistance on the design, but also encourage our clients to print their trademarks onto the products. From the initial discussion, to the middle of the production, and even the final stage of shipment, we’ll make sure every procedure is under control. Needless to worry that your unique design will be leaked out, we’ll sign the NDA in the first place to ensure your creativity is well-protected.

If you have any idea in mind or simply a design drawing, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are ready to bring your design to life! It’s never too late to make! In case you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message! All your messages will be sent to our specialists, and replied within a working day.

There are still some standardized products below, don’t forget to have a look!

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