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Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Carbon Fiber Bike Parts ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or DFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or DFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

Carbon Fiber Bike Parts

Light, Strong And Durable All Rolled Into One.

Carbon Fiber Fabric
Carbon Fiber Fabric

Carbon fiber bike parts are well-known for several advantages: hard-wearing, flexible, and the best thing of carbon fiber is, it’s not heavy at all. To be more precise, it is a quarter the weight of iron, and even lighter than aluminum alloy! However, its strength is far greater than steel, it is four times stronger than steel! That’s why we devote ourselves to carbon fiber bike parts, in order to give you the most competitive products.

When it comes to our products, every single item is completely made in Taiwan, thus, we have confidence that our carbon fiber parts will definitely make your bikes more outstanding! According to your application, we also offer 3K, 12K weave carbon and UD carbon fiber for you to choose.

Through our sophisticated manufacturing processes, there will be no burr left on the surface, what’s more, our technology is able to make it smooth on all aspects.
As for the surface treatment, like gloss, matte, water transfer, etc. are available!

More Than Off-the-shelf Products, We Specially Make Ideal Items For You.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, we also provide our customers with a series of customized services, such as printing your company’s logo on handlebars, a minor change on the appearance of a headset spacer, or you want to make a brand new seat clamp against your design. We’ve always tried our best to make your ideas into reality!

Cooperated with our suppliers for decades, we know how to make the best carbon fiber components, as well as the characteristics of this material! Let us add value to your products!

It might be a bit difficult to picture the products we described above, therefore, we have listed a wide range of our carbon fiber bike parts for you to choose! From handlebars to headset caps, we even provide with customized items! So, feel free to leave us your inquiry or message once you have any problem, we’ll kindly help you with our expertise in this field, and each of your message would be replied within a day!

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