Pan Taiwan (OEM Department) - We offer OEM / ODM services and total solutions for bike parts and outdoor products, and we provide off-the-shelf products in excellent quality as well.

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Injection | Casting | Stamping Manufacturing Process Supplier - Pan Taiwan

Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is an ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or OFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or OFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Bike Parts
    Bike Parts

    An exquisite bike can only be made up of flawless components, thus, we provide our customers with a variety of fine bicycle parts, e.g. handlebars, rims, frames, headset caps and so forth. All of the items are frequently exported to the U.S., U.K., Europe and countless countries, hence, we are confident that our components will lead you to a huge success. Not only do we have off-the-shelf products available, but we’re also able to slightly or considerably modify the items against your request, such as print your logo on them or treat the surfaces in a way you’d like, etc. Moreover, each of our products is 100% made in Taiwan, in order to make them durable and well-shaped, all of them undergo a series of sophisticated processes. Apart from that, we have well-trained staff to inspect the products thoroughly, that's why we have confidence in the quality. It is our insistence on the best quality, which makes us more than just favorable in this industry.

  • Carbon Fiber Bike Parts
    Carbon Fiber Bike Parts

    Our carbon fiber products are in very good quality. They dont have burr and the surface is very smooth even the backside. The pattern of the carbon fiber always line up and doesn't deform by the curvy product surface. Our very fine layer technique doesn't just give the products the nice looking, but also provide them a certain strength. We also customize carbon fiber products upon customers' requests. We have multiple process options depending on your application, molding, lay-up, vacuum. And there are 3K, 12K weave carbon fiber and UD carbon fiber for you to choose. As for surface options, we have gloss, matte, water transfer, etc. We will for sure add some value to your design.

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