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Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is an ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including molding, custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or OFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or OFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Rubber Molding
    Rubber Molding

    Pan Taiwan has made customized rubber parts for over 40 years. We know though rubber part is usually a supporting component in the whole product assembly, it’s very important to use the suitable material for its application. There are different requirements for different industry. For example, if it is used in automotive field, we’ll check if oil-resistance is needed. If it is medical related, we’ll pay attention to the biocompatibility. If it is used on the machine, we have to get the right hardness. We provide solutions for rubber molding, silicone molding, transfer molding, foaming rubber, extrusion and a range of LSR molding applications. Industries we get involved are automotive, medical, marine, bicycle, lock, computer and safety equipment. The material we deal with are EPDM, PU, NBR, NR and many other types of material. For automotive industries, we provide rubber seal, weather strip and rubber boot for customers to assemble their cable. For food service industries, we offer gasket in their device. For customers in medical industry, we make silicone nuzzle of nasal aspirator and LSR parts for breast pump. We can also provide foam rubber for application that requires cushion.

  • Metal Injection Molding
    Metal Injection Molding

    Pan Taiwan, as a leading subcontract manufacturer in MIM process field, has partnered with customers for numerous OEM projects and achieved countless delicate pieces. A metal injection molding part is often used in the consideration of economical piece price, better precision and higher strength than sintered parts. So, it will be a good choice to take MIM process under a relative large demand project. These custom parts are applied in many fields, such as medical device, electronics, lock system, shooting equipment, industrial tools, etc. Materials, such as stainless steel 316L, Fe2Ni, 4605, tungsten carbide, are available and being used for different purpose. Contact Pan Taiwan today to learn more about our advanced metal injection molding technology and send us your inquiry now.

  • Compression Molding
    Compression Molding

    There are many fabrication processes to create carbon fiber parts, here at Pai Taiwan(OEM), we can provide compression molding process to create advanced carbon fiber parts Compression molding also called hot pressing is a closed-mold composite manufacturing process uses metal molds with high pressure to forming/curing the composite / carbon fiber parts. There are lots of advantages when it comes to compression molding. First of all, comparing to roll wrapping or filament winding, it is more versatile in application, high strength, lighter weight and corrosion resistance. Second, this molding method allows for fibers to be formed into a complex shape. It is something that traditional injection molding method cannot do.

  • Hand Lay-up Process
    Hand Lay-up Process

    Pan Taiwan provides custom carbon fiber manufacturing process - hand lay-up process. Hand lay-up is suitable for small production volumes as it requires worker to use a hand gun to spray resin and chopped fiber. The mold cost is relatively lower compare to other processes like compression molding. This is the simplest molding method, providing low cost tooling and wide range of parts sizes. The lead time will be longer than other process since the process is highly rely on labor. Hand lay-up is suitable for decoration products such as car accessories.

  • Vacuum Bagging
    Vacuum Bagging

    Pan Taiwan provides custom carbon fiber parts made by vacuum bagging. The mold cost is lower compared to compression molding. By reducing the pressure inside the vacuum bag, the external pressure put force on the bag which results in an even pressure over the carbon fiber to consolidate the material and excess the resin. The advantages is even clamping pressure, control of resin content, custom shapes and efficient laminating. the vacuum bagging technique optimizes the fiber-to-resin ratio in the composite part. These advantages allow aerospace and racing industries to maximize the physical properties of advanced composite materials such as carbon and epoxy.

  • LSR Molding
    LSR Molding

    Apart from Rubber Molding, Pan Taiwan also offers LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Molding service to customers, please send us your design, drawings or samples for us to review, we will quote you ASAP. Our machine size is up to 150T, and material we use is LSR. Furthermore, applications we cover are medical part, electronic parts and sports parts.

  • Rubber Injection Molding
    Rubber Injection Molding

    Pan Taiwan are specialized in rubber injection parts involved in auto motive industry such as cable seal, bumper bound, rubber boot, rubber gasket. Besides, we also offer parts for companys in food service industry, motorcycle industry and electronics industry. Machines size in our factory are 200T, 300T, and we all equipped with rubber vaccum machine, rubber rolling machine, rubber stamping machine. Rubber material we use the most are NR, SBR, NBR (NITRILE), EPDM, CR, SILICON. Product applications are involved in Automotive, Motorcycle, Industrial parts, Sports, etc. Pan Taiwan offers OEM service to customer, and we can make your design real.

  • Transfer Molding
    Transfer Molding

    Besides rubber molding, Pan Taiwan can also offer transfer molding service. The transfer molding process of Rubber Molding provides a good surface quality. Product applications are electrical components, automotive parts, medical devices, such as seal, O-ring. Our machines scale in factory are from 100T to 300T. Material we deal with are silicon, TPE,TPR, etc.

  • Insert Molding
    Insert Molding

    Pan Taiwan (OEM) has extraordinary technique to manufacture combined materials by insert molding process. Insert molding is a process that a pre-made metal or plastic inserts are fed into the injection mold and come out with high precision fit with plastic part. For example, couplings, screw driver, hand tools, various housings, covers are often fabricated with metal nuts or screws. By this process, it is considered costing saving and shorter lead time comparing with by heat staking or glued. Moreover, product quality is more durable and consistent rather than manual operation.

  • Over Molding
    Over Molding

    Over-molding is generally used to improve tactile, look and functions. For example, a grip design can be pure single shot plastic injection molded, but if it is designed to make by over-molded one, it can create better performance and usability. Take another example, over-molding offers extra color and style selections in the base of multi-materials. Furthermore, elastomer contains outstanding features of vibration and noise reduction, which help finished products to even perform better, like razor, grip, heat gun, handlebars, etc.

  • Blow Molding
    Blow Molding

    Pan Taiwan’s blow molding solution brings customer a benefit of cost effective and high productivity With its wild arranging applications, products like water bottles, tanks, containers, beakers, vials are often produced by this process. In material selection, a variety of thermoplastic materials, including LDPE, HDPE, PET, PP, etc, are used in common. The classic category product we make are bike water bottle, a hollow design perfectly for blow molding process. Not only making plastic part, we can add desired logo or pattern upon designer’s artwork by heat transfer printing. We ensure to deliver you a fine, finished products that you can ship to your buyers directly without quality concerns.

  • Gas Injection Molding
    Gas Injection Molding

    No matter internal or external gas injection molding, Pan Taiwan serves both solutions to satisfy customer’s need. Gas assist injection molding can help to produce large plastic parts with complex designs and superb cosmetic surface finishes. The process is especially ideal for large handles, equipment covers, doors, bezels, cabinets and skins. Most thermoplastics can benefit from the use of gas assisted molding including Polypropylene (PP), ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonate (PC), PPC and Nylon, glass fiber grade included.

  • Vacuum Injection Molding
    Vacuum Injection Molding

    One of the most economical thermoforming technologies is vacuum forming. Vacuum injection molding has a strong competitive in design flexibility and low tooling costs comparing to injection. There are often used in packaging, such as clamshell, blister trays, holder box, etc. Plastic sheets are optional, such as PVC/PET/PS/PP. Such rugged blister is an inexpensive option for protecting and demonstrating your product finely. We make a variety of shapes and accept custom design order. A clear blister pack often comes up with a cardboard blister to display. To give a thorough service to customers, we offer clear blister, cardboard blister with artwork printed and assembly before shipment.

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