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Carbon Fiber Parts & Components

Multiple Production Processes for Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon Fiber Parts
Carbon Fiber Parts

Pan Taiwan provides various carbon fiber parts manufacturing processes according to your requirements. We manufacture and supply carbon fiber components and products. All Carbon fiber parts and products are manufactured with high quality resins & carbon fiber cloth. We have our own RD and QC team to ensure the quality and specification of the products meet your standard. We are ISO 9001 certified for many years. With standard procedures we set up to provide great services, we are your best choice for your carbon fiber products.

Our custom carbon fiber services include hand lay-up, pressure bag forming, vacuum bag forming, pultrusion, hot press, filament winding etc. We will suggest the process that is suitable for your products or you can choose the process for your products. Post-processes are also available such as machining, surface treatment, labeling, water-transfer, etc… From blueprint drawing to finished products, quality control to logistics, we provide total solution and make your design come true!

If you have your own designs, and you want to make it real, please contact us.
The features of Pan Taiwan are to provide vertical and horizontal integration services. From design feedback, tooling development, efficient production planning through timely logistic, Pan Taiwan team is ready to serve you with our professionalism. We can also combine a few different manufacturing processes to make parts and to assemble a complete product with packaging for you.

Roll Wrapping

Roll wrapping is typically done with a prepreg product to unsure consistency. The prepreg material is cut into layers of different fiber direction. The layers are then rolled onto a cylindrical rod. The rod and prepreg on it will then be sent into the curing oven. Once curing is complete, the rod is removed from the center of the carbon fiber tube. After the post-process such as machining, polishing and clear varnish, the carbon fiber tube is complete. We can produce various sizes (length, diameter and thickness), surfaces carbon fiber tube. Please contact us for further discussion.

Filament Winding

The filament winding process begins with a tow of carbon fiber, fiberglass or carbon fiber-fiber glass hybrid. The tow is put on the spools at the winding machine. There is a mandrel that is at the front of the spools. This process involves winding filaments under tension over a rotating mandrel. The mandrel rotates around the spindle while a delivery eye on a carriage traverses horizontally in line with the axis of the rotating mandrel, laying down fibers in the desired pattern or angle. Once the mandrel is covered with desired thickness, it will be placed in the oven for curing. After the resin is cured, the mandrel is removed , leaving the hollow final product.
With our thin ply tech, multiple thin layered film construction using CF and AL or selected fiber layer, low FAW CF ply combined with AL foil or selected fiber backing, it is strong and lightweight.


Pultrusion which is combination of pulling and extrusion principles. It pulls carbon fiber or fiberglass tow through a heated die, in this process the material will be injected with resin, the material will then be hearted and cured. After the pulling, the finished hardened product will be cut into desired length.

Compression Molding

Compression molding also called hot pressing is a closed-mold composite manufacturing process uses metal molds with high pressure to forming/curing the composite / carbon fiber parts. It is efficient. Comparing to roll wrapping or filament winding, it is more versatile in application.

Hand Lay-up Process

Hand lay-up process is a method that uses a hand gun to spray resin and chopped fiber. It uses low cost mold. This is the simplest molding method, providing low cost tooling and wide range of parts sizes.

Vacuum Bagging

By reducing the pressure inside the vacuum bag, the external pressure put force on the bag which results in an even pressure over the carbon fiber to consolidate the material and excess the resin. The advantages is even clamping pressure, control of resin content, custom shapes and efficient laminating.

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