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Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Bike Accessories ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or DFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or DFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

Bike Accessories


A variety of accessories are available, so that you can customize your own bicycles.
A variety of accessories are available, so that you can customize your own bicycles.

We offer numbers of standard bike accessories for you to label as your own brand products. For example, we may print or engrave your logo or pattern on the bike device holder. We may also make the head card or blister package for the handle bar tape. Furthermore, we may develop the accessories such as bike mirror in your design. Even if you don’t have pictures, design drawings nor samples, our sales representatives and engineers will help to build a 3D model to realize your idea.

Take the valves for example, we’ve got different colors and shapes of them, but if you don’t find a suitable one, we can help you to make a unique shape or a one-of-a-kind color. The minimum production quantity is negotiable case by case. And all these custom accessories will make your product series more outstanding in the market.

Your idea will be well protected

We understand your design is valuable and needed to be treated carefully. Therefore, we are very open minded to sign the NDA before you reveal further information. Pan Taiwan has been in the industry for more than 40 years and is well known by not being competitive with customers. In fact, we love to do contract manufacturing. So feel free to share with us what’s in your mind, all the data would be carefully kept.

  • Bike Tubeless Valve - Tubeless Products
    Bike Tubeless Valve

    Pan Taiwan offers all kinds of tubeless valves and valve accessories which meet all your requirements. A standard tubeless valve for basic replacement, a tubeless valve with hex hole on bottom for easier maintanance and a tubeless valves with holes and slot on stem bottom allowing wheels to be equipped with tire insert are all available in Pan Taiwan. Besides, we also offer multi purpose valve cap tools for various requirements eithor turnning your rims into tubeless rim or trying to extend your valve stem in order to pump your tire. What is more? we are open with your own design for us to develop together meaning we offer OEM service to customers worldwide, and we make your design real.

  • Bike Water Bottle Cage - Bike Water Bottle Cage.
    Bike Water Bottle Cage

    Water Bottle Cage we provided is mainly made of carbon fiber. Elegant and functional design, lightweight, sleek, and boasts firm bottle-gripping strength. Eye-catching flared mouth enables faster bottle insertion and removal; reinforcing side ribs improve stiffness and bottle grip. Reinforced lower cradle and bottle stop area improve strength.

  • Bar Ends & Plugs - Bicycle Bar Ends & Plugs.
    Bar Ends & Plugs

    We provide carbon fiber bar ends and various bar end plugs. Our bar ends are made in Taiwan which is famous for manufacturing high quality bicycle accessories. There are 3 different carbon fiber texture for you to choose: 3K, UD (uni-directional) and Marble with glossy or matte finish. The surface is smooth and clean. You won't see any burr on the products. As for our bar end plugs, we have various designs such as 25mm bar end plugs that can be laser engraved with logo / designs, bar end plugs light that ensure your safety in night riding, swappable bar end bell which is convenient and low-key.Products can be customized according to your requirements. Feel free to contact us for discussion.

  • Bike Bell - Bike bell with loud sound and anti-rust.
    Bike Bell

    Our bike brass bell can send out loud, long, crisp silvery sound that the decibel is up to 82dB. Except the loud sound, we offer variety of colors and styles for the bike bell. The bike bell could be plated as many different colors as you like. In addition, we provide different style for customer. It included clamping design, rubber band, plastic strap and tube clamp attachment where you can put bell at proper place. Furthermore, Pan Taiwan provide the customize bell service that we could engrave the picture or logo on the bell according to your drawing. Pan Taiwan has more than 40 years OEM experience. Whether you want to engrave logo on bike bell or new design for the strap, we have a professional team to help you to fulfill your idea.

  • Bike Light - Bike Tail Light
    Bike Light

    Pan Taiwan offers different kind of LED tail light like tie lights, clamping lights, QR skewer lights. Besides the standard lights, we can also produce the light according to your design / drawing. You can find the proper tail light in Pan Taiwan. Most important of all, the tail lights are all made in Taiwan, they have good quality and low failure rate. Also, Pan Taiwan has high requirements for quality. We do the second inspection before the shipment. Let our customers don't have the worry after receiving the tail light.Furthermore, if you have an idea about the design of the tail lights, we are also welcome you to ask. No matter you want to have new design for strap, light or other idea. With our 40 years of OEM experience, we could provide you the proper solution.

  • Bicycle Screws & Bolts - Bicycle Bolts.
    Bicycle Screws & Bolts

    We offer bolts and screws applied to bike parts from headset cap bolt, barrel adjuster, valve cap to valve extender. We cover wide range of bicycle screws and bolts. You can definitely find what you need for bicycle from us! Anodizing colors for aluminum screws and bolts are same as our headset cap's standard. So they match perfectly! The quality is stable. The color difference between each batch is small. Custom anodizing color is also available. There are various material options for you to choose, such as alloy steel, aluminum, stainless steel.The screws and blots we provide are not limited in bicycle industry. They could be custom made according to your design. Feel free to contact us for further discussion.

  • Bike Device Holder - Water Bottle Cage Holder.
    Bike Device Holder

    Pan Taiwan's alloy bike device holder series create more possibilities of carrying different devices -- ex. meter, cam coder, light and music player, or even power bank and water bottle cage. Following the cycling behavior, we have a lot of options which allow the users to set up their devices on their favorite places -- ex. handle bar, stem, front fork or the saddle. Even for specialized brand clamping system, like Gopro and Garmin, the compatible accessories are also available.

  • Bike Fender and Wheel Cover - Bike Fender and Wheel Cover
    Bike Fender and Wheel Cover

    Fenders and wheel cover are indispensable bike accessories to both shape your cycling style and give protection purpose. If you ride in wet conditions without fenders, your chain, derailers and brakes may all get sprayed with sandy, muddy, scummy water, often mixed with gasoline residue. In this circumstance, fenders help you to stay clean and dry. A fancy wheel cover can be an eye-catching personal symbol for a cyclist.We provide types of fenders, such as full-length, clip-on for both front and rear ones. Colors and patterns can be customs-made upon customers' designs, as wheel covers. Let's create cycling fun in cycling together!

  • Bar Tape - Bike Bar Tape with Grip Surface.
    Bar Tape

    Handlebar tapes come in various materials such as EVA foam, PU, silicone and so on, which can provide excellent grip and maneuverability. These materials are designed to be more cushioning, durable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing. The tape lengths varies from 155cm to 200cm, you can pick up the ones based on your needs.

  • Bike Mirror - 360° Adjustable Bike Mirror
    Bike Mirror

    Our easy installation and removal mirror design offers a quick angle adjustment and application for both left and right side. Convex or flat surface types provides different rear view feeling respectively. Moreover, we offer stainless steel or glass lens at affordable prices.Our bike mirror can make a cyclist a high sense of safety and comfort in the journey with an elegant and wide-angle design. Having our rear mirror on the road is not only to resolve your security concern, but also show the most current trends. Choose our rear mirrors that are perfect for your style and get ready to hit the road.

  • Bike Spare Parts Storage Box - Bike Spare Parts Storage Box
    Bike Spare Parts Storage Box

    Bike spare parts storage boxes for headset, for wheel and tube, and for brake are all available in Pan Taiwan. Headset spare parts like space, top cap, bolts, compressor and star nut are all included in a tackle box. Besides bolts for headset, stem, brake, rotor and water bottle cage are also included in our replacement tackle box. You could choose the spare part you require or the bolt you use the most in a spare part box. Pan Taiwan offers not only standard bike parts and accessories, but also custom parts and products for customers. Providing us with your own specification for bike spare parts and accessories, we can customize your own spare boxes.

  • Bike Sunglasses - Pan Taiwan's cycling sunglasses have heavy-duty protection.
    Bike Sunglasses

    The cycling sunglass designed with TR-90 temple is definitely a keeper. Polycarbonate lens and frame, attached with extra UV protection and anti-fog coated lens are the best. There are a variety of polarized color lens for cyclist to choose to suit under different weather conditions and outdoor sports. Glass strap, decent nose pads and box are optional. Furthermore, all of our sunglasses are all PPE regulations compliance, such as ANSI, EN ISO, AS / NZS and CSA.Pan Taiwan offers not only standard bike accessories, but custom bicycle parts and components to our customers. We are experienced in bike accessories supplier offering OEM service according to your requirements.

  • Bike Display & Storage - Bicycle Lifter-Foldable Stand.
    Bike Display & Storage

    Pan Taiwan could help to realize your design based on our prosperous manufacturing experience on most kinds of hardware parts and accessories, which composite your innovative design. Besides the customized development and production, we also have series of bike storage and display products for your selection.Trying to be different from the other wall mounted bike lifter on the market, our ceiling mount bicycle lifter was designed to be not only space saving but also safe hanging. It helps to storage the bike high up on the wall at an optimal viewing angle. Display / Storage your bike securely and safely on the wall. In the meanwhile, besides the safe and efficient storing in house, our foldable bike stand is one of the coolest innovation product perfect the cycling journey. Different from the ordinary cumbrous stand, our aluminum bike stand is super light and foldable, let you barely feel it's existence.

  • First Aid Kit - ISO 13485 First Aid Kit.
    First Aid Kit

    When heading outdoors, a first aid kit will be the basic solution for unexpected injuries. It's getting more and more popular to carry a prepackaged first add kit on hand to deal with minor incidents that don't require a trip to the emergency room. For those bikers who like to challenge the difficult road section, the crash should be a common thing, especially in high-speed bicycle movements, if something goes wrong, minor injuries are inevitable, the first aid kit could help the basic medical treatment and allow the continuity of the journey.For easy carry and good protection to the contents, our CE & EN ISO 13485 certified first aid kits are packed in High-density, wear-resistant and water-repellent pouch which could be used multiple times, suitable for home use, travel and outdoor activities. And the kit is designed as a comprehensive first aid kit for remote use, good for sporting events or casual camping trips the cloth quality is good.We have several available packages for your to choose, or you could make your own set menu, customized order is highly welcomed, including customized composition of contents or the pouch package.

  • Bike Water Bottle - Bike Water Bottle
    Bike Water Bottle

    Our bike bottle priorities performance and excellent cage fit above all else for both professional and recreational users. We design an ultimate cycling bottle for rapid, reliable, unwavering hydration with new design and improved cleanability. A greater types of cap, valve, nozzle, material, collor collections could increase users more fun in cycling.Pan Taiwan provides quality water bottle made in Taiwan with Phthalates and BPA free. Bottle volume ranges 600ml to 750ml. Customers can pick from our open models and chose different cap, nozzle, material and design their own logo to make their ideal finished bottle. Minimum order quantity is open for discussion.