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Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Bike Parts ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or DFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or DFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

Bike Parts

Every component you need is right here.

All kinds of bike parts are available in Pan Taiwan.
All kinds of bike parts are available in Pan Taiwan.

An exquisite bike can only be made up of flawless components, thus, we provide our customers with a variety of fine bicycle parts, e.g. handlebars, rims, frames, headset caps and so forth. All of the items are frequently exported to the U.S., U.K., Europe and countless countries, hence, we are confident that our components will lead you to a huge success.
Not only do we have off-the-shelf products available, but we’re also able to slightly or considerably modify the items against your request, such as print your logo on them or treat the surfaces in a way you’d like, etc. Moreover, each of our products is 100% made in Taiwan, in order to make them durable and well-shaped, all of them undergo a series of sophisticated processes. Apart from that, we have well-trained staff to inspect the products thoroughly, that's why we have confidence in the quality. It is our insistence on the best quality, which makes us more than just favorable in this industry.

If you never get satisfied with all the standard products, then you should contact us.
From time to time, it might be frustrating to find parts in our catalog which perfectly match all your needs, therefore, as a wonderful OEM partner of yours, it is our responsibility to help you customize your ideal products. Either with a fancy design drawing or just a mere idea in your mind, we are capable of creating the products according to what you have on hand and your requirements! From a tiny headset cap to even a frame of a bicycle, every part of a bike is within our ability. Thanks to the past cooperation with our customers, we are aware of what you want; we know clearly how to best produce your products. Aside from taking your orders seriously, since we are experienced in this field, we’ll actively give you suggestions when you are not sure what material to use and any kind of situations you may face. What’s even better, we can also save you a lot of time negotiating with factories and keep you from the trouble caused by the wrong communication with suppliers! Been connected to our suppliers for more than 40 years, it’s always our target to offer the top-notch services! And we are so ready to solve all your problems here!For more information, take a look at these items below!
  • Carbon Fiber Bike Parts - Carbon Fiber Fabric
    Carbon Fiber Bike Parts
    Carbon Fiber Bicycle Parts, Carbon Fiber Custom Parts

    Our carbon fiber products are in very good quality. They dont have burr and the surface is very smooth even the backside. The pattern of the carbon fiber always line up and doesn't deform by the curvy product surface. Our very fine layer technique doesn't just give the products the nice looking, but also provide them a certain strength.We also customize carbon fiber products upon customers' requests. We have multiple process options depending on your application, molding, lay-up, vacuum. And there are 3K, 12K weave carbon fiber and UD carbon fiber for you to choose. As for surface options, we have gloss, matte, water transfer, etc. We will for sure add some value to your design.

  • Bike Frame - Standard and custom bike frames are available in Pan Taiwan.
    Bike Frame

    Custom bike frames made from Aluminum or Titanium alloy are available in Pan Taiwan. We are specialized in design and manufacturing bicycle frames. In order to meet customer's requirements, we keep improving our manufacturing process and developing vertical integration service, which includes tube welding, surface treatment, painting and assembling. We are capable of making small quantity bike frames and custom design products. Tube shapes we offer are oval, circle, teardrop and diamond. We could weld frame tubes according to geometry provided. If you don't have your design, we offer standard models for you to choose. We have frame test machine in house, which is compliant with ISO 4210 test standard.

  • Bike Handlebar - Bike handlebar made in Taiwan.
    Bike Handlebar
    Bicycle Handlebar

    Pan Taiwan provides plangage butted bike handlebars, and double butted ones for road bike, MTB, BMX and urban bike. Our bike handlebar is made by spiral-butted tubing which allows more dense or compact packing of aluminum material within the tube structure - a significant gain of strength and durability with less weight and shorter working time. Our high quality bike handlebar is all made in Taiwan with our 40 years of OEM experiences, sophisticated processes and premium materials.We have various materials for you to choose according to the applications. 6000-series alloy is reliable, inexpensive and gets the job done. Best price to strength/durability ratio, 6069-T6S. It is a special kind of heat treatment for 6069 that allows it to have the same strength and durability as AL-2014 T6.If you want to bump it up to premium, 7000-series alloy will be one of the best choices. Especially with T73 heat treatment, it gives the alloy compounds a better bond and better ride quality. It also reduces the brittleness of the bar, preventing cracking over time.Other metals like steel, Cr-mo, etc.. are options for you to choose.If you did not find what you are looking for, please contact us for further discussion. We can custom make handlebar according to your specifications!

  • Bike Wheel - Carbon Fiber Wheel Set with 58 mm Profile.
    Bike Wheel
    Wheel Set

    Rims made from carbon fiber or extruded aluminum alloy are available in Pan Taiwan. We could offer rims for road bike, MTB, BMX, cyclecross, fat bike and downhill bikes. Besides, we can assemble wheel set according to your requirement. Providing us with your Rim, hub, spoke and nipple spec, we can integrate and manage the whole supplier chains for our customers. Rim joint method options could be pinned, sleeved and welded. We need your wheel size, ETRTO, holes, gauge and finish required to build your own rims and wheel set. We have more than 30 standard rim types for you to choose. MOQ for carbon fiber wheel set is 30 sets, and 200 pcs for extruded aluminum alloy rims. We could either laser etch logo on the rims or have your own logo sticker on rims.

  • Bicycle Derailleurs & Parts - Bicycle Derailleur System.
    Bicycle Derailleurs & Parts
    Bike Derailleurs & Parts

    We provide high quality bicycle derailleur & parts that are made in Taiwan which is famous for manufacturing high quality bicycle parts. We have carbon fiber and aluminum derailleur pulley system with steel or ceramic bearings for Shimano or SRAM. Our full ceramic bearings (ceramic balls + ceramic race) provide fast and almost frictionless spinning. Traditional 11 tooth derailleur pulley and oversized 15 tooth derailleur pulley are available. We also have high quality machined derailleur jockey wheels with various shapes.Custom logo and color are available. We can also produce the products according to your drawings.

  • Bike Stem - High Quality Bike Stem.
    Bike Stem
    Bicycle Stem, Bike Gooseneck

    As an OEM bike stem manufacturer, we are focusing on producing high quality stem for road bike, MTB and BMX which offer 20% more stiffness than regular stem. Our diamond pattern series has grip design on the inner side of faceplate which can lock the carbon handlebar very well. We also have full range of extension and angle for you to choose. Our road bike stem can be covered with carbon fiber! It gives it a great look and increase the strength. We have various material for you to choose. Such as AL7075, 6061, 2014. All of our road bike stems are 3D-forged. As for MTB and BMX, they are melt-forged or CNC machined.If you have special requirements, please contact us. We can custom made you own bike stem!

  • Bike Seatpost - High Quality Bicycle Seatpost.
    Bike Seatpost
    Bicycle Seatpost

    Our high quality seatpost is well designed for great structure integrity and good usability. It is manufactured for high strength and good durability. We have front-rear 2-bolt fasten design applies on products like 2-Bolt Seatpost (BB03004). You can adjust the clamp to have up/down saddle position. Another patented design -- bolt fasten system, wedge clamp seatpost which fastens the saddle in a parallelway. So the screws won't absorb the up-and-down shock force, it is a cracked-bolt worry-free design and is more friendly for users to adjust the position from the side. We also have conventional design, super light design for you to choose.Our seatpost offers great vertical flex while maintaining lateral stiffness. It is made in Taiwan with sophisticated process. We have seatposts processed by various processes according to you requirements like forged, CNC, die-casting. There are various material options for you to choose like steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. With 40 years of experience in OEM services, we can produce custom seatpost according to your specifications.

  • Bike Seat Clamp - Seatpost Clamp
    Bike Seat Clamp
    Seatpost Clamp, Quick Release Seat Clamp, Seatpost Clamp with LED Light

    Pan Taiwan supply mass production and OEM service for seat post clamps with seat clamping light. Our seat clamps are made of aluminum or carbon fiber in order to work your replacement perfect. The large assortment of vivid color options make your bikes better. Economic and quick release models are both available for OEM service. The patented quick release mechanism ease your work to replace the battery, no need to removing the clamp from the bike. The seat post clamp with LED light series works as your safety guard in the night riding. The ultra light carbon fiber seat clamp series provides another way to save grams, also decorate the bikes stylish. UD, 3K and marble patterns are available to match the bikes. Our company can provide the custom seat post clamps services for valued customers. Custom options mainly include material, color, dimension, logo and style. If you have any special requirements, please contact us without hesitation.

  • Bike Chainring & Cassette - Direct Mount Chainring for Sram Crank.
    Bike Chainring & Cassette
    Bike Chainring & Freewheel

    Pan Taiwan's OEM service to customize the power-saving chainring is one of the best solution for bike remodeling. It's extremely important to apply the appropriate gear ratio between chainring & cassette for different riding courses. Especially when riding uphill, people usually wish to have a smaller, easier-to-turn gear ration to get away from the pain of riding, win more time to enjoy the wonderful scenery on the top.No need to replace the entire set, our chainring & cassette series allows the riders to customize the most suitable setup for their journey.Customized Size and logo print are available!! Come to use for a wonder experience of customized manufacturing service!

  • Bike Cable Kit - Bicycle Brake & Shift Cable
    Bike Cable Kit
    Bicycle Wire Kit, Bike Cable Donut & Hose Clip, Brake & Shift Cable Kit

    No matter how good the shift and brake system is, if the wire is aging and unbearable, there is no way to play it! People can often feel that after replacement, the overall operation feel is obviously improved; and if the better wire is used, the feel, performance and durability of the shifting and braking will be more distinct.An excellent bike cable kit and good wiring work is very important to optimize the whole system. During the use of the bicycle transmission, the cable / wire is attacked by rainwater, sludge, etc., and the shifting wire will be aging and rusting, which makes the lever slippery, the shifting cannot be accurately entered.Whether it is the brake or the shift cable, the quality of the wire will directly affect the feel of the operation, of course, it will also affect the durability and maintenance needs. To make the shift system and the brake system fully play, of course, the influence of the wire cannot be ignored.Pan Taiwan also supplies a series of parts to perfect the bike wiring, ex. cable donut, cable clip, protector sleeve, etc. And our cable end tip can be fixed without any tools! ! ! Ease the work and perfectly complete the wire ending.

  • Bike Headset Cap - Anodized Headset Cap.
    Bike Headset Cap
    Headset Top Cap, Bicycle Headset Cap

    We provide high quality bicycle headset caps with unique designs. The surface of our bicycle headset cap is smooth. It will not have burr. We can put colorful design on the cap by UV printing or engraving the cap for deeper mark. Our aluminum cap is processed by good anodizing treatment, which prevents the cap from getting rusty and adds vivid color. It will not discolor. The titanium one is made of titanium grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V which is one of the best alloy for sport products. The quality of our carbon fiber cap is very good. Comparing to the cheap CF cap on the market, our CF cap will not have burr or rough surface.Please note that the bicycle headset cap does not come with bolt and star nut. If you are looking for headset cap bolt, please go to Bike Accessories/Bike Bolts & Screws. Our bolts & screws are anodized at same standard as our caps. They match our headset cap perfectly!

  • Headset Spacer - Anodizing Alloy Headset Spacer.
    Headset Spacer
    Carbon Headset Spacer, Alloy Headset Spacer, Spacer for Bike Stem

    Pan Taiwan supplies various types of headset spacers, including aluminum headset spacer, carbon fiber spacer and conical headset spacer. Headset spacers helps to adjust the height of the handlebar easily. Especially for road cycling, the appropriate bar height is the key for riding comfort and performance. This is an essential element of bike fitting for all kinds of bike, ex. MTB, Roadbike & BMX.There are a few types of headset spacer that we have : ● Aluminum Headset Spacer - High grade aluminum alloy made from engineering precision works in tight tolerance and excellent performance under compression. ● Carbon Fiber Spacer - The lightest spacer in carbo fiber is the best choice for the riders in weight-conscious. ● Conical Headset Spacer - Mainly for visual consideration, the conical spacer offers the neat joint between the steerer and head tube, usually sit on top, coming together with normal ring type spacers.Considering the 3 essential keys for the headset spacer, Pan Taiwan's supply covers most of the standard options for your selection. In addition, the customized design is also extremely welcomed. Available specifications by the 3 elements : ** Diameter - 1", 1 1/8", 1.5", Tapered ** Height - Available in a variety of height to fine-tune the bar position through combination of multiple spacers, popular in 3, 5, 10, 15 & 20mm. ** Material - Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber

  • Quick Release Skewer - Quick Release Skewer.
    Quick Release Skewer
    Bicycle Quick Release, Bike Quick Release

    Our high quality quick release skewers are made in Taiwan which is famous for manufacturing high quality bicycle parts with good materials and sophisticated processes. The axle is made of Titanium which provides high strength and is lightweight. As for the lever, we have aluminum and titanium one for you to choose. We offer not only standard quick release skewers but also special design one. Our quick release skewer with led lights make you stay safe while riding in low light condition. The function light is easy to install and water repellent. It takes you less than 10 seconds to change the battery.Our company can provide the custom bicycle skewer services for valued customers. Custom options mainly include custom logo and color. If you have any special requirements like full custom made according to the drawing, please contact us without hesitation. For more product information, please find below.

  • Bike Pedals - Platform Bike Pedals.
    Bike Pedals
    BMX Bike Pedals, Platform Pedals, Flat Pedals

    Pan Taiwan has wide selection of alloy and plastic models for bike platform pedals, available for various cycling purpose, such as BMX, MTB, commuter bike, etc. As one of the three contact points where rider's body meets the bike, our pedals help to transit the riders' power to the bike in good efficiency, also the lightweight materials, sealed bearings help to keep out moisture and grime. Our platform pedals series create the ease and maneuverability for the riding. Our non-slip bolts (with patent) helps the cycling performance as well as enhance the holding power and save the riders from slipping.We can help you to develop and manufacture products according to your drawings or samples and make your design real!

  • Bike Wheel Spoke and Nipple - Bike Wheel Spoke and Nipple.
    Bike Wheel Spoke and Nipple
    Bike Spoke, Bike Nipple

    Pan Taiwan offer OEM service for spokes, Aero spokes, high tension spokes and Butted spokes. These are made either from stainless or Titanium alloy. We offer standard spokes, Aero spokes, High tension spokes and Butted spokes. The applications are for City bike, Road bike, MTB, E-bike, Downhill bike and race. Apart from bicycle, these spokes could apply to motor bike wheel as well. Besides, we produce bike nipples to match our spoke. We could produce not only our standard product, but also custom products according to customer's design. Furthermore, we offer wheel set assembly service, which means we could assemble a whole set of wheel sets according to specification that our customer request.