All kinds of bike parts are available in Pan Taiwan. / Perfect understanding of customers' requirements, prompt response, RD team with drawing making and design capabilities, 42 year of experiences in business, complete and detailed QC system.

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Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Bike Parts ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or DFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or DFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

Bike Parts


All kinds of bike parts are available in Pan Taiwan.
All kinds of bike parts are available in Pan Taiwan.

We provide a variety of fine bicycle parts, from frames, wheelsets, handlebars, to headset caps. They are all made in Taiwan with good care of quality. However, our strength is to contract manufacture bike parts according to your design or requirements, especially the ones for non-typical bike like pedicab, monocycle, ski bike, water bike, performance bike, or recumbent. They might need special surface treatment or heavy duty material which is not easy to be found in the off-the-shelf market.

That’s why Pan Taiwan is here for you. With more than 40 years custom manufacturing experience, we are familiar with all the industrial manufacturing processes, and we listen to customers carefully to have the same understanding with them. We evaluate the project thoroughly in the beginning and provide the feedback from our point of view so that the development would proceed smoothly.

For example, an innovative motorcycle company in Australia handed their new handle project to us including the retail packaging. Another example is that we made Presta valve according to customer's requirement to fit his newly designed helmet. And the outcome is beyond their expectation. That means we don’t just make custom bike parts. We have the capability to build parts those are close to this field.

We do sourcing and consolidation as well

If the cost of development the tooling for the parts is too high for customers, we are happy to help them look if there’s alternative product in the market. Surely we could do quality control and consolidation of many items as well. You may do one-stop-shopping with us.

  • Carbon Fiber Bike Parts - The look of BMC surface
    Carbon Fiber Bike Parts

    We provide carbon fiber bike parts for customers’ light weight requirements. There are standard products like carbon fiber bike frame, handle bar, wheel set, headset cap, and water bottle cage. We can also make the parts in your design. We do both SMC (sheet molding compound) and BMC (bulk molding compound). SMC is suitable for the product with even thickness and BMC is good for the product with metal insert. They both have excellent mechanical strength and tension to apply on bike parts.

  • Bike Frames - Standard and custom bike frames are available in Pan Taiwan.
    Bike Frames

    Custom bike frames made from aluminum or titanium alloy are both available in Pan Taiwan. We are specialized in butting, welding and tube bending technology to build bike frames for customers, especially the ones with special requirements like ski bike, water bike, cargo bike and recumbent. The minimum quantity to build your aluminum is 100, and it is 5 for titanium one. We will offer a frame model for your confirmation before starting making them in lot. That’s the way we take care of each project.We offer stand tube shapes such as oval, circle, teardrop and diamond. We could weld frame tubes according to geometry that customers provide. If you don't have your own design, we offer standard models for MTB, road bike, even the kids bike for you to choose. We have frame test machine in house, which is compliant with ISO 4210 test standard. The report is available upon your request. Our mission is to build a nice bike frame with highest safety standard and quality control in your demand.

  • Bike Handlebars - BB29304 used on a electric bike
    Bike Handlebars

    There are over 30 models of bike handlebars for road bike, MTB, BMX and urban bike in our collection. They are made of aluminum alloy (AL6061), steel, and Cr-Mo. Whether you want a classic aluminum, or a strong and durable design, you can find it here. For example, our BB29304 handlebar is chosen to fit on customers’ electric bikes very often. The loop of the handlebar is just right for devices and it looks trendy. The minimum order quantity for the standard model is 200pcs per shipment.The handlebar is one of just three points at which our body contacts the bike. It’s important to select a handlebar with nice balance. Our handlebar is made in spiral-butted tubing process which allows it to bear more impact just like a shock absorber. It is important to have a handlebar with better durability and make the bar weight less at the same time.We can also build the handlebar according to your design and requirement. The MOQ is 500pcs. We have various materials for you to choose according to the applications. 6000-series aluminum alloy is reliable and less expensive. 6069-T6S enables you to have better durability. There’s a special kind of heat treatment which makes 6069-T6S be able to possess the same strength and durability as AL-2014 T6. In case you want to bump it up to premium, 7000-series aluminum alloy is recommended. When we use -T73 heat treatment which enables the alloy compounds to have a better bond, we’ll get a handlebar with very good mechanical strength.Among all the choices, there must be one handlebar suitable for your needs. If not, contact us to make one in your design.

  • Bike Wheelset - A Carbon Fiber Wheel Set with 58 mm Profile.
    Bike Wheelset

    We are a professional custom bike wheelset maker. We usually build wheelsets according to the special requirements from customers like the ones for pedicab and tandem bicycle. For example, a tourist pedicab needs heavy duty wheels. Therefore we built the wheelset with a wide double layer 26” rim and 48 3X spokes for our customer. And the spokes are well pretreated before being laced and tensioned. Wheelsets are then stress relieved, re-tensioned and be done with duribility.

  • Bicycle Derailleurs & Parts - Bicycle Derailleur System.
    Bicycle Derailleurs & Parts

    We provide high quality bicycle derailleur & parts that are made in Taiwan which is famous for manufacturing high quality bicycle parts. We have carbon fiber and aluminum derailleur pulley system with steel or ceramic bearings for Shimano or SRAM. Our full ceramic bearings (ceramic balls + ceramic race) provide fast and almost frictionless spinning. Traditional 11 tooth derailleur pulley and oversized 15 tooth derailleur pulley are available. We also have high quality machined derailleur jockey wheels with various shapes.Custom logo and color are available. We can also produce the products according to your drawings.

  • Bike Stems - High Quality Bike Stem.
    Bike Stems

    We focus on producing high quality stem for road bike, MTB and BMX. We make the road bike stem round and steamlined to have a great look. We can also wrap the road bike stem with carbon fiber fabric. The MTB stem is made to be sturdy and strong by octagon tube. And BMX stem is made by CNC machining to have the best mechanical strength. Pan Taiwan bike stems come in a wide variety of lengths and rises. No matter what your style of riding, we have a stem with the performance and style to fit.

  • Bike Seatposts - High Quality Bicycle Seatpost.
    Bike Seatposts

    Besides the standard aluminum alloy forging seatposts, we have seatposts with ront-rear 2-bolt fasten design. It allows bikers to adjust the angle of seat wedge then have the most comfortable seat position. The bracket that connect to the saddle also provide the great support for bikers to rider longer and farther. Two bolts lock the bracket and the saddle in the parallel way so the up-and-down force won’t break them. It is a cracked-bolt worry-free design to be so friendly to bikers.There are also conventional and super light designs for you to choose. Our seatpost offers great vertical flex while maintaining lateral stiffness. It is made in Taiwan with sophisticated process. We have seatposts processed by various processes according to you requirements like forged, CNC, die-casting. There are various material options for you to choose like steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. With 40 years of experience in OEM services, we can produce custom seatpost according to your specifications.

  • Bike Seat Clamps - Seat clamp with quick release
    Bike Seat Clamps

    Our LED light seat clamp with quick release handle won the red dot design award. Not only LED light can be installed and removed easily, but also quite easy to change the batteries. There are many anodize color choices for aluminum alloy seat clamps. We also have carbon fiber light weight options. The surface could be UD, 3K, 12K and dye sublimation and cloth implant finish. Besides logo engraving, we are able to do HRNT to make your brand more outstanding.All our seat clamp are made in Taiwan. We have excellent clamp shell subcontractor who can make nice packaging with snug fitting. A good product comes with nice packaging will bring the item more value in the market. Your customized requests and ideas are welcome.

  • Bike Chainrings & Cassettes - Direct Mount Chainring for Sram Crank.
    Bike Chainrings & Cassettes

    Providing 28T to 36T Chainrings and cassettes which are made of aluminum. Our chainrings and cassettes are famous for durability and light weight. Besides, we also offer “Bash Guard” to keep your chainrings from damages. Different from other companies, our bash guards comprise carbon fiber which is well-known for being hard-wearing and sturdy.

  • Bike Cable Kit - Bicycle Brake & Shift Cable
    Bike Cable Kit

    No matter how good the shift and brake system is, if the wire is aging and unbearable, there is no way to play it! People can often feel that after replacement, the overall operation feel is obviously improved; and if the better wire is used, the feel, performance and durability of the shifting and braking will be more distinct.An excellent bike cable kit and good wiring work is very important to optimize the whole system. During the use of the bicycle transmission, the cable / wire is attacked by rainwater, sludge, etc., and the shifting wire will be aging and rusting, which makes the lever slippery, the shifting cannot be accurately entered.Whether it is the brake or the shift cable, the quality of the wire will directly affect the feel of the operation, of course, it will also affect the durability and maintenance needs. To make the shift system and the brake system fully play, of course, the influence of the wire cannot be ignored.Pan Taiwan also supplies a series of parts to perfect the bike wiring, ex. cable donut, cable clip, protector sleeve, etc. And our cable end tip can be fixed without any tools! ! ! Ease the work and perfectly complete the wire ending.

  • Bike Headset Caps - Anodized Headset Cap.
    Bike Headset Caps

    We provide high quality bicycle headset caps with unique designs. There are aluminum ones, titanium ones and carbon fiber ones to choose. Our aluminum top caps are made of 6061. The MOQ of each anodized color is 200pcs. That will allow you to have caps in many different colors. We can put colorful design on the cap by UV printing or engraving the cap for deeper mark. One cap distributor in the States has worked with us for years and obtained decent market share in customized top cap business.The titanium cap is made of titanium grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V which is one of the best alloy for sport products. Our carbon fiber caps have clear and neat pattern to show how great the quality they are.Please note that the bicycle headset cap does not come with bolt and star nut. If you are looking for headset cap bolt, please go to Bike Accessories/Bike Bolts & Screws. Our bolts & screws are anodized at same standard as our caps. They match our headset cap perfectly

  • Headset Spacers - Anodizing Alloy Headset Spacer.
    Headset Spacers

    We supply various types of bike headset spacers. In material, there are aluminum 6061 precision machining ones and super light carbon fiber ones. Both of them are made of high quality material with material certificate. As for shapes of headset spacers, we offer typical cylinder headset ones and conical ones. The conical spacer offers the neat joint between the steerer and head tube. It usually sits on top, then follows along with typical cylinder spacers.There are 3 different diameters. They are 1", 1 1/8", and 1.5". Each diameter comes with at least five different heights--3, 5, 10, 15 ,and 20mm. Therefore, you may get complete headset spacer products from us then supply to your road bike and BMX riders.

  • Quick Release Skewers - Quick Release Skewer.
    Quick Release Skewers

    Our quick release skewer comes with two LED taillights. It’s the biggest difference compare to other QR in the market. We don’t only manufacture a quick release skewer which is light, high strength and easy to use, but we also pay attention to rider’s safety. There are aluminum handle and titanium handle for you to choose. Both of them are adjusted to be the fine tightness for user to lock to place or to release. The material we use is anti-rust, not easy to deform and durable from time to time.Specialized in this contract manufacturing services for over 40 years, we understand every request posed by our partners; we customize products you required, we also give you proper suggestions when you have any questions. We never fail to satisfy our clients, and still devote ourselves to offering exceptional services! Therefore, feel free to contact us! We’ll offer you the most professional opinions and make sure you’ll receive the reply from us within a day!

  • Bike Pedals - Pan Taiwan bike pedals.
    Bike Pedals

    Pan Taiwan has wide selection of aluminum alloy and plastic models for bike platform pedals. They are for various cycling purpose, such as BMX, MTB, and commuter bike. The advantage of our bike pedals is the big platform size and the excellent cleats spread evenly around the pedal. As one of the three contact points where rider's body meets the bike, our pedals help to transit the riders' power to the bike in good efficiency. The sealed bearings we use keep moisture and grime away.Our platform pedals series create the ease and maneuverability for the riding. Our non-slip cleats with patent help the cycling performance also enhance the holding power to prevent the riders from slipping. We have built an innovative energy-saving casing bike pedal according to customer’s design. We can also build yours.

  • Bike Wheel Spokes and Nipples - Bike Wheel Spoke and Nipple.
    Bike Wheel Spokes and Nipples

    We offer stainless steel high tension spokes, butted spokes and aero spokes. The material is SS304 bought from steel factory in Taiwan. There are also heavy duty one for e-bike and titanium ultra light ones for road bike for you to choose. These spokes could be applied on motor bike wheel as well. Besides, we produce bike nipples to match our spoke. Furthermore, we provide wheel set assembly service, which means we could assemble whole wheel sets according to specification that our customer request.We produce not only our standard product, but also custom products according to customer's design. Therefore, your OEM idea is more than welcome.