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Pan Taiwan (OEM Department) - We offer OEM / ODM services and total solutions for bike parts and outdoor products, and we provide off-the-shelf products in excellent quality as well.

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Based in Taiwan, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1977, is an ISO certified and meeting BSCI standards manufacturing process supplier. There are manufacturing process, including custom tube welding, machining, plastic injection stamping, forging, casting, rubber molding, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and so forth.

Pan Taiwan is a total solutions provider. Whether it's OEM, ODM or DFM service for carbon fiber parts, bicycle parts, accessories, tools and gears.

Pan Taiwan has been offering customers high-quality manufacturing processes and OEM, ODM or DFM services for parts and tools since 1977, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Pan Taiwan ensures each customer's demands are met.

Manufacturing Process

Contract Manufacturing is our expertise.

Our engineers and sales representatives are all experienced in all industrial manufacturing processes such as plastic injection, metal stamping, rubber molding, die casting, and surface treatments. We also have the capability to build 3D models in house, as well as to review the design from customers and then provide our feedback from the manufacturing point of view. Before a project begins, we always fully communicate with customers to make sure the requirements are understood well.


We deliver services of customized outdoor products according to what customers need and desire. Moreover, our specialty is to make products with the characteristic of light-weight, durability, high strength, corrosion resistance, and anti-ultraviolet to offer high-level quality, especially in the bag, carbon fiber parts, and tube welding. We have experience in making tour pouches, duffle bags, tote bags, outdoor backpacks, shopping bags, strut bar, hydrofoil parts, battery cover, bike frame, carbon fender, bike fork, bike rear rack, ATV frame, ATU frame, scooter frame, and assistive devices for the disabled such as wheelchair parts for customers.

We are your manufacture partner.

Sometimes we offer different solutions for customers to compare. There are always benefits and disadvantages no matter which process or subcontractor we choose. We believe the key is to have all the information in front of us and discuss the way to have the most balance outcome. For example, it usually costs more to machine a workpiece from the beginning than to forge the body first then machine the details. However, it might be opposite when the demand is low. We are always happy to evaluate it with you.

If you have a design you wish to make, you are more than welcome to send us samples or drawings for a quotation. Our engineer team can propose the optional processes and technology support based on project scale and feature. After confirming the requirements with you, we would provide you the design feedback, estimate cost and development lead time. With the experience in various production categories, we can also offer you the integration services, keeping you away from the assembly interference and functional problems. Not only the quality level you care, but also the most satisfied cost you will have.

Make your design real!

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