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Contract Manufacturing -Plastic Injection

Pan Taiwan is experieced in manufacturing service for plastic injection part such as dual injection, gas injeciton molding, insert molding, blow molding,Oxo-Biodegradable plastics, Vacuum Forming, Extrustion. Your product design with Materials of PP, PE, PA, PC, ABS, PS, PET, POM, TPR, TPU, PVC are all welcome!

Equipped with 50T~400T injection machines, Plastic Injection Molding Companies provide custom plastic molding including dual injection, over molding and gas added injection. We can also handle vacuum forming and blowing parts if needed.

We also provide Moldflow analysis to predict problematic knit lines, warpage, draft angle for customer to adjust their design before starting the tooling.

We are more than happy to follow your green ideas of applying environmental friendly material and management on your products. For example adding degradable additive d2W, using bio-degradable material or be RoHS compliant. We can provide different levels of certificate for reference and mark the appropriate label if necessary.

We could well organize your projects from design verification, new product development, mass production to delivery by our 30-years professional experience. We offer you a total solution with both vertical and horizontal integration to low down your purchase cost and upgrade the production quality and consistency.

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