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Multi Tool / Tool Kit
20 in 1 Folding Tool


Plus, 21 in 1 Folding Tool

Durable, simple, functional and portable folding tool/multi tool/tool kit.

All products can be customized.
E.g. Laser Engraved logo, different combinations of screwdrivers or tools, different material of arm.
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Basic tool for bike adjustments and minor repairs.
Compact design fits in pocket or seat bag.
Covers most bicycle repairs and adjustments.
Alloy arm, Nickel Plated (Chrome plated Optional)
2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8mm hex wrenches
T25 Torx® compatible drivers
Flat #5 and Philips #2 head screwdrivers
8, 9 and 10mm box wrenches
Spoke wrenches 14/15/16G
Chian retainer
2 tire levers
Chain tool
Dimension: 85 * 40 * 20 mm
Weight: 167 g

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