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Surface Treatment


Finishing Treatment
Finishing Treatment

In addition to the experience of fabrication process, Pan Taiwan also developed our skill in surface treatment for metal and plastic parts to improve the look of the products and to protect them from the environment. We get used to deliver the finished products that various processes of surface treatment have been proceeded.
We could give items a surface workable for the intended environment and function, which means to improve or change the surface property, such as appearance, strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, friction and anti-wear.

Common Types of Surface Treatment

- Electroplating
- Electroless plating
- Anodizing / Hard Anodizing
- Chemical treatment
- Oxidation
- Hot dipping
- Vacuum plating
- Painting
- Thermal spraying
- Surface hardening / Heat treatment
- Ti colorization
- Teflon coating
- Trivalent Chromium passivation


Anodizing: Decorative Parts, Fashion Accessories, Bicycle Parts, Lighting Equipment
E-Coating: Industrial Parts for Anti-Corrosion Issue
Painting: Automobile Body Parts, Housing
Polishing & Plating: Bathroom Equipment, Lock
Heat Treatment: Engineering Components
Micro Arc - Heat Sink

Quality Assurance

The inspection standard will be always co-worked with customers.
For the surface treatment with purpose of property change, the related international standard could be applied, ex. ASTM B-117 for salt spray test.
For the surface finish with decorative purpose, the customized standard could be co-defined or the international standard could be applied, ex. SPI-AQ-103 for cosmetic standard.

Instrument for Inspection

Film Thickness Gauge
Salt Spray Tester
Roughness Meter
Chroma Meter
Color Assessment Cabinet

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