Case Study

  • CASE STUDY- Kickstarter Project
    The Nomad™ is a revolutionary portable espresso machine created by UniTerra INC. After more than 3 years of design, development and testing the Nomad completed a successful Kickstarter funding campaign in 2013. With the help of our contract manufacturing service the Nomad is now in production and was officially launched (April 2014) at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) convention in Seattle to great reviews. It's our pleasure to work on the Nomad™ project with Mr. Vincent J. Chen, Ph.D. and Mr. Curt Morgan of UniTerra through the design feedback, tool-up, trial run, and finally the mass production. We organized dozens ofcomponents for assembly, QC/QA, packaging, and also provided logistics to bring your design to life!

  • CASE STUDY- Precise Hand tool
    Based on our customer's (one of the top three hand tool suppliers in Europe) original design, composite dozens of fine components, we successfully developed the torque wrench with superior precision, following the European standard which can be utilized in the automobile and aviation industries.

  • CASE STUDY- Automatic Machinery
    We design and use the automatic machinery for the assembly of the cam locks and other products. With automatic skill, we are very competitive in assembly for large volume and we provide very stable quality products to our clients. That also enables us to do just-in-time delivery.

  • CASE STUDY- Medical Products
    With the background and experiences in medical field, we help our customers to develop the medical devices such as endoscope instruments according to their design and needs. We use the specific material which is required for CE or FDA approval. We also examine the fitting among all the parts and make sure they have the best operation.

  • CASE STUDY- Shipping Consolidation
    It is time consuming to manage dozens or hundreds of overseas suppliers especially when all the suppliers have different quality standards. With a large subcontractor network between Taiwan and China, Western way of thinking, we are the best outsourcing center for a North American auto parts client. We provide more than one-stop shopping service for hundreds of items. We also keep our customers updated information informed.